The Final Friday 5: Top 5 Estate Planning Tips

Estate Planning Tips
  • Which estate planning tips can help me put together a plan that will take care of my family?

    Estate planning tipsYou might be wondering why you should look into estate planning tips before getting started. Estate plans provide you and your loved ones with peace of mind. However, if they aren’t composed properly, they can create more issues down the line. The last thing you want is for your family to run into hurdles and obstacles after your death. Some of these hurdles can have a significant impact on what they end up receiving. Read on for tips that can help you put together an estate plan you and your loved ones can trust.

    Your estate plan should provide for your care and comfort.

    This is the first tip for a reason. It can be very easy to overlook your own needs during this process. But remember, although you’re planning for after you’ve passed on, that doesn’t translate to neglecting the present. If you fail to take your comfort and care into consideration, you may eventually run into financial trouble. This kind of predicament could force you to make unwanted changes to your future arrangements. Issues like this can have an adverse impact on your estate plan. They can also put extra stress on yourself as well as your family.

    When planning your estate’s future, include a plan for incapacity.

    There’s no telling what the future holds. So, the more possibilities your estate plan takes into consideration, the better. At the moment you might be fully capable of making crucial decisions and taking care of yourself. But that can change without warning. Your estate plan should have safeguards in place to ensure your wishes stand even if you lose the ability to communicate. Careful planning will also ensure your loved ones don’t end up burdened with uncertainty and strife should you end up suffering from mental deterioration or a serious illness. Your estate plan should offset any financial difficulties that can arise from this kind of situation. A dependable Power of Attorney focused on the right areas can help achieve that.

    A well-drafted estate plan that maximizes what your loved ones receive is essential.

    Estate Planning TipsAll too often, people believe they’re leaving behind a certain sum only to pass on and have their estate run into unexpected delays and expenses. Probate (which is the official verification of a will) and estate taxes can have a considerable impact on what is eventually passed on to beneficiaries. A properly designed estate plan should minimize — or even eliminate — these expenses so your loved ones can get what you intend for them.  

    Distributions from your estate plan should take place the way you want.

    Your estate plan doesn’t need to stop fulfilling your requests after you’ve passed. You can control the sums, both in the amount given and in the timing, for years after your death. You can even put together a plan that accommodates the needs of offspring who might have disabilities or an inability to manage their assets alone. In the shorter term, your estate plan can also cover the specific types of funeral arrangements you desire.

    To put together an estate plan that does everything you want, get the right assistance.

    Your estate plan should allow you to focus on living out your days and do away with worry about how your loved ones will fare after your passing. For a plan that can maximize your exemptions, limit expenses and distribute sums the way you want, put your trust in the experts.

    At Incompass, we can do much more than provide estate planning tips. We have the experience and knowledge to help you draft a plan that will protect your assets and keep your family in good hands. Give us a call at (916) 974-9393 today.


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