Estate Planning Strategies to Protect Your Assets Now and For Your Family

Estate Planning Strategies
  • If you’re trying to plan for the future and protect your assets, estate planning strategies and tips can benefit you and your loved ones.

    Estate Planning StrategiesResearching estate planning strategies is an excellent idea for anyone worried about the possibility of losing assets. Due to unforeseen issues, even plans made with the best of intentions can fail to leave enough for family members. Properly constructed estate plans can help protect your assets in the present while also keeping them safe for the future.

    If assets aren’t kept safe, you won’t be able to provide your loved ones with what you intended. Luckily, there are useful strategies you can use to protect what’s yours.

    Tips for Keeping Real Estate Assets Protected

    When it comes to real estate, separation is an important policy to have. The properties you own are part of your estate, and can end up with your family once you’ve passed on. But that’s only if you take steps to protect them. If these assets aren’t kept separate from your personal name, they can become a target of people attempting to sue you. Luckily, there are ways to avoid this:

    • Use LLCs or corporations for the management of your properties, as opposed to doing so with your personal name.
    • Comply with all government regulations, such as laws about landlords and tenants. Establishing good business practices can contribute to a stronger ‘veil of separation’ between your personal name and your property ownership.
    • Ensure your LLC or corporation meets all protocol, with the correct title, and adhering to all applicable agreements and bylaws. Remain in compliance and file all necessary paperwork. Otherwise, you risk losing your legal standing.
    • Make sure your real estate is adequately insured, as failing to do so can break the veil of separation.
    • To ensure your assets remain protected, stay vigilant and on the right side of the law. Acts of fraud or negligence will undo all the measures you’ve taken to keep your property safe.

    How to Avoid Unforeseen Estate Expenses, Delays, and Depleted Assets

    Estate Planning StrategiesMany issues can arise if your estate plan lacks proper attention. Probate and estate taxes can delay the process and present expenses that negatively impact assets intended for your family. Mismanagement of your finances might occur if you become incapacitated due to age or a medical issue. Additionally, creditors could target your assets if your plan doesn’t provide for these possibilities.

    Having a knowledgeable expert draft your estate plan can maximize what your loved ones receive. It should contain provisions based on various outcomes the future might bring. A well-designed estate plan supplemented with carefully coordinated documents can ensure you retain more of your assets. This translates to better security for you, as well as a better outcome for your loved ones.

    Don’t Underestimate the Value of an Experienced Estate Planner

    Even if you understand the tools and methods involved, drafting an estate plan can be challenging. Even harder is the task of constructing one that protects your assets for the sake of your loved ones. Having the right kind of help in your corner makes everything much easier. For a task as important as this, you shouldn’t take any chances.

    For help with applying estate planning strategies that can protect your assets and cut down on expenses, contact Incompass online or give us a call at (916) 974-9393 today. 

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