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Incompass Tax, Estate & Business Solutions offers high-quality tax preparation, tax planning and representation services to individuals, small businesses, non-profits, estates and trusts. We use only highly skilled licensed tax professionals (EAs and CPAs) to prepare tax returns and advise on tax matters.

Using a true tax pro like us to prepare your taxes may actually cost you less than going to a big chain tax prep store or even doing it yourself. We often find tax deductions and credits that other preparers miss and our advisory services may prevent you from making costly blunders that so many other people make.

A true tax pro can also save you time, reduce your stress and advise you when life changing events occur such as, starting a new career or a business, getting married, having children, going through a divorce, getting old, dying or being audited by the IRS.

If you do find yourself being audited by the IRS or have liens or levies filed against you, we have former IRS and FTB auditors and personnel on staff to work your case through all administrative levels (including appeals).

If you operate a business, we can help you keep more of your earnings and maximize tax-favored benefits for you and your family using IRS and tax court approved methods and instruction on the proper recordkeeping and compliance required to protect those benefits in case of an IRS audit.

At Incompass, our tax pros are licensed CPAs and EAs providing year-round tax preparation and advisory to help you through the phases of life and business. Our perspective encompasses the BIG picture (tax planning, compliance and estate issues) and we can represent you when the IRS attacks.

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Bring us up to 3 years of past taxes and we’ll find ways to save you money, when we do we’ll help you file to get your money back from the IRS.

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