Tax & Asset Advisory Program

How would you like an advisory service that can help you through all phases of life for an affordable fee?  We are launching a new service called the Tax & Asset Advisory Program.  This program allows us to provide top-notch education and information to you through email.  We have created and are continually writing new educational material to keep you informed regarding ways to protect your assets.  This information could protect you from some of the costly blunders that so many people make and will address all of the adult phases of a person’s life (working, marriage, children, retirement, aging, and death). We will provide most of the information through bi-weekly email modules, as well as, our classroom offerings.  This allows us to keep the cost low; much lower than if you were to pay for our consultations.  In fact the total cost of this program throughout an entire year is less than paying for a one hour appointment with us. The Tax & Asset Advisory Program offers informative education to help you hold on to more of your assets,  including tax tips to save you money, recordkeeping to protect your tax deductions in case of an IRS audit, tips to prevent identity theft, and estate considerations to pass more to your loved ones (instead of the courts or government). At Incompass, our expertise and advising encompasses the BIG picture.  Whether you are beginning a career or a business, getting married, divorced, re-married, having children, or remaining single; it is important that you have an advisor to help you through the complexities of these events.  In your later phases of life, we can advise you when health declines, and show you how to restructure things to protect your family’s assets or what to do when a loved one dies. Even if you are still young, this information will help you understand the issues that affect you as your parents age.  This information could preserve your inheritance. YOUR BENEFITS FOR ENROLLING IN THE TAX & ASSET ADVISORY PROGRAM
  • Bi-weekly email modules full of information to help you protect your assets
  • On-going strategic tax education that could save you money
  • Tax tips & audit survival advice on recordkeeping, documents & agreements
  • Free review and assessment of your financial and/or insurance coverage
  • Free discussion or review of your estate plan docs (trust, wills, directives, etc)
  • Unlimited access by email or phone for your tax, estate or financial questions
  • Free consultation to inquire about starting a business or buying a rental property
  • Classroom offerings & interaction with professionals to understand various issues
  • Email alerts, tax change updates and announcements
  • Tips on Protecting Your Identity (also avoiding scams and consumer fraud)
  • Asset Protection Issues (safeguarding home & personal property)
  • Love and Marriage—tax and estate consequences of various arrangements
  • Family Relationships—children, guardianship issues, parental responsibility
  • College Planning—funding options, student loans, tax tips, education credits
  • IRS Audits—red flags, reducing chance of audit, what the IRS is up to lately
  • Supporting Tax Deductions—vehicle exp, meals, home office, gambling losses
  • Title & Ownership Issues—owning property jointly with a parent or non-spouse
  • Taxes—tax tips, increasing tax benefits, avoiding abusive tax schemes
  • Household Employees—hiring in-home care, childcare providers, etc.
  • Hiring Contractors—unlicensed contractor problems, mechanic liens, etc
  • IRAs & Retirement Plans—timing distributions, avoiding common IRA mistakes
  • Should You Start a Business?—Hobby loss rules, tax & regulatory issues
  • Should You Consider Buying a Rental?—tax benefits, landlord regulations
  • Recordkeeping to Win an IRS Audit—IRS requirements, tax court cases
  • How Long to Keep Records (different types, different requirements)
  • Foreclosures, Short-sales—cancellation of debt, insolvency, bankruptcy, etc
  • Senior Issues—Social Security, Medicare, Medi-Cal, veteran’s benefits
  • Estate Planning—trusts, wills, probate, family considerations, gifting
  • Aging Issues— Safeguarding the frail parent, care and housing options
  • What to do When a Death Occurs—administration regulations, personal liability

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