The Top Tax Audit Triggers Most Likely to Get You an IRS Love Note

  • Are you guilty of these common tax audit triggers? The last thing you want to see in your mailbox is an envelope marked "Official Business" from the IRS. You'd never mislead the IRS intentionally. But it's easy to call attention to yourself if you're committing these tax audit triggers. Before you file your return, read through this list and make sure none of the following applies. Trigger 1: Failing to Report All Income You know all those income forms you…

    Knowing These Five Tax Audit Triggers Can Help Prevent an Audit

  • If you are sick of audit triggers making life miserable every year, these tips will clue you in on what you are doing wrong. Have you suffered through a tax audit in the past? Are you trying to avoid needless audit triggers this year? Then it is important to understand a few of the most common tax audit triggers. If you don't carefully manage your return, you'll gain the interest of the IRS. That's not what you want! Basic Criteria…

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