The 3 Most Important Functions of a Business Accountant

  • A good business accountant is worth his weight in gold. Here’s why you should always leave your company’s finances in the hands of an expert. Have you been dragging your feet about hiring a business accountant? Think about how much time you spend agonizing over revenues, accounts payable, and payroll. If you make even a tiny mistake, it can send your company spiraling into the red. Imagine what you would be able to accomplish if you hired someone else to…

    The Ugly Truth About Hiring a Business Accountant or CPA For Your Small Business

  • Small business owners should demonstrate caution when choosing a business accountant. Working with a business accountant can be a great option for small business owners who cannot afford in-house accountants but also cannot afford to miss out on hidden tax savings. Unfortunately, not all business accountants and CPAs are equally capable of delivering the high-quality audit protection, tax filing and estate planning services their clients deserve. Many lack a thorough understanding of the unique needs of today's small businesses, and…

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