The 5 Most Common Business Accounting Mistakes, and How to Avoid Them

  • Wondering whether you’re making business accounting mistakes? Here are the five biggest errors and how to avoid them. We probably don’t need to tell you that the Internal Revenue Service is not gentle when it comes to business accounting mistakes. Good intentions do not count, and errors can earn you hefty penalties in an audit...or even make one more likely. If you want to keep your business aboveboard and in good standing, avoid the following mistakes. #1: Itemizing Deductions Incorrectly…

    Top 3 Accounting Mistakes That Cause Problems with the IRS

  • From omitted income to incorrect deductions, these accounting errors can lead to big trouble with the IRS. Every year, Americans procrastinate on their taxes, hurrying through them at the last minute and failing to catch a myriad of accounting mistakes. Many assume the IRS targets only wealthy taxpayers and large corporate entities with audits. This is not true, and even small errors can lead to the hassle of auditing for everyday employees, independent contractors, and small business owners. The following…

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