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Sacramento Small Business Accounting, Payroll & HR Services

Let us handle the time-consuming tasks of accounting, payroll and HR Services for you. It will allow you more time to run your business, reduce your stress, eliminate penalties and allow you more time to enjoy life.

Sacramento Accounting Services

Failing to identify cash-flow problems is the primary reason that many businesses fail. Good accounting and the timely reconciliation of your accounts is key to making accurate projections, finding and correcting errors, detecting fraud and understanding the true health of your company.

Sacramento Payroll Services

Most business owners should never do their own payroll. The rules are very complex and payroll tax penalties are among the most severe. Most owners have no clue about how to properly handle, report or correct mistakes regarding advances, bonuses, reimbursements, vacation pay, sick days, health insurance or other employee benefits.

Sacramento HR & Employee Issues

Our HR services can help you avoid making costly mistakes, like misclassifying an employee as an independent contractor, which could make you liable for unpaid payroll taxes, penalties and workers compensation costs. We can help you avoid an employee lawsuit or a labor board hearing by helping you better understand the employment laws, including the proper maintenance of records, the interview process for hiring, the granting of vacation, sick days or family leave, the procedure to properly terminate an employee, and much more.

Ready to Get Your Money Back From the IRS?

Bring us up to 3 years of past taxes and we’ll find ways to save you money, when we do we’ll help you file to get your money back from the IRS.

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