Geriatric Care Management

  • Often we are working with seniors regarding tax or estate issues when their health begins to decline. At that point it is important to bring in a geriatric care manager to do an assessment and develop a short-range plan, as well as, a long-range plan to help our senior clients remain in their home longer, if that is an option.

    The short range plan may be to oversee construction changes to the home to make it safer, have better access, and reduce the chance of falls. It may also include having a professional care-giver stop by the home to provide some assistance three days a week, or so.

    At some point it may become unsafe for the senior to live independently. That is when the long-range plan would kick in. The geriatric care manager would work with the senior and their family, if applicable, as to the options available, such as assisted-living communities and such.

    There are so many great services and helps that a geriatric care manager can provide to the frail senior and their extended family. Unfortunately the public does not know much about them. Family members that become caregivers to a loved one are often stressed to such a level, that they often pre-decease the one they are caring for. Having a GCM to assist the family member caregiver can reduce the stress greatly and literally be a lifesaver. Keep reading to learn more about GCMs.

    Who are Geriatric Care Managers?

    Geriatric Care Managers (GCM) are professionals trained in health & human services, to help guide, advocate, and find resources for disabled individuals, seniors and families caring for seniors.

    A GCM can assist with and help the individual reach his/her maximum functional potential, while encouraging independence and making sure safety is addressed.

    GCMs can guide the family through the maze of long term care services and providers, and are knowledgeable about cost, quality and availability of resources in the community, and how to access these resources.

    Geriatric Care Managers can assist with

    • Care planning assessments, to identify problems and to provide solutions
    • Recommend, coordinate, monitor, and evaluate care and services
    • Determine appropriate living arrangements and supportive assistance
    • Manage and monitor in-home help or other services
    • Assist with relocation into an assisted living community, residential care home, or a nursing home.
    • Arrange for nursing wellness checks, and medication set up for home care
    • Help reduce family and caregiver stress
    • Provide assistance for caregivers living near or far away
    • Review medical, financial, or legal issues
    • Coordinate no-cost/low cost home modifications
    • Filing assistance for Veteran Aid and Attendance Benefits
    • Counseling and support for the frail senior and their extended family
    • Provide assistance with placement in assisted living facilities or nursing homes
    • Monitor the care of a family member in a nursing home or in assisted living
    • Assist with the monitoring of medications
    • Develop long range plans for older loved ones not yet needing care

    Geriatric care managers are an important part of our team of advisors that provide services to seniors and the elderly. We work closely with the extended family, as well as, the care¬giver community, as an advisor and valuable resource. We consider the whole of the aging process in order to help the senior in maintaining lifestyle, independence and dignity.

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