Best Practices for Protecting Rental Properties

  • Real estate investors are exposed to greater risks today than in recent times.  We seem to live in a culture where people blame others for their dissatisfaction or misfortune with plenty of hungry attorneys willing to take their case. If everything you own is in your personal name, you have absolutely zero asset protection.  Which means your business, home and personal assets are all in one bucket and available to creditors.   General partnerships are even worse, because you could…

    10 Concepts in Using LLCs to Protect Real Estate Investments

  • There are many issues that can lead to the piercing of your LLC’s protective shell, which may allow creditors access to your personal assets and conversely expose your LLC’s assets to your personal liabilities.  The Rules are complex.  NOT COMPLYING with them can cost YOU thousands of dollars. Concept 1: LLCs do not automatically protect assets.  Having approved Articles of Organization from the Secretary of State is meaningless by itself in protecting assets.  In order to get asset protection benefits,…

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