Did You Get an IRS Letter?

  • What to do if you get an IRS audit letter


    You should immediately open any mail from the IRS, because it usually requires some sort of action within a very narrow time-frame under the threat of additional taxes, interest and penalties. Be sure to have us review it BEFORE you make any contact with the IRS to explain the issues involved and the best way to respond. We almost always recommend that you let us respond instead of you.


    You can of course respond on your own, but things rarely go well for those who represent themselves against the IRS. If the notice is an IRS audit letter, it’s even more important to have a tax professional represent you. The Tax Code is complex and the IRS doesn’t play “fair”. It will use nuances in the law to deny your tax benefits and other tricks to take more from you.


    If you decide to retain our services, you’ll need to sign an IRS Power of Attorney Form which allows us to represent you in the audit. The IRS won’t talk to us about your case without one. It’s very important that we enter the audit process as soon as possible, before you do or say something that has an adverse tax effect that we can’t fix.


    As your representative we’ll review the areas under audit, the facts and circumstances of your case and the condition of your records in accordance with the law. After gaining a clearer picture of the facts, we’ll address any areas of concern, the underlying issues involved and plan a course of action for the best overall outcome.


    To be successful, we need to be as prepared as possible. The auditor is more likely to accept our arguments if they comply with the law and are well organized. We’ll need your supporting records as soon as possible to begin building your case.


    If it comes to a point where we’re unable to bring the audit to a close in a satisfactory manner due to the auditor being unreasonable and the group manager refusing to intervene, we may move your case to the Office of Appeals for better results.


    Only CPAs, EAs and attorneys are licensed to represent you in all tax matters, including audits, collections and appeals.   At Incompass, we have both EAs and CPAs working for us. We also work with tax attorneys should one be needed, but for most audits, attorneys aren’t necessary.

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