HR Compliance, Benefits and Labor Law Education

If you have hired employees or are considering it, even if your employees are family members, you need to talk to us. Let us educate you on the various labor laws and how to comply with them.  If you ignore the Rules, filings, and documentation required, you could incur large tax assessments and/or legal liability. If, in turn, you comply with the regulations, you and your family could benefit from many pre-tax owner benefits allowed by the law.  We can inform you as to the pros and cons for each of your options. Learn how to be in compliance with the Department of Labor and the various agencies that regulate some portion of the complex employment laws, and how you may benefit from pre-tax owner or employee benefits. Our HR Compliance, Benefits & Labor Law Education can explain
  • How to receive pre-tax owner, employee benefits
  • How to protect yourself from employee lawsuits
  • What are the Department of Labor requirements and the various employment regs that affect your business?
  • What about EDD, payroll & employee reporting docs?
  • What are the rules for employees v. independent contractors?
  • What do I do if I misclassified an employee?
  • The importance of the employment contract; Employee Handbook, job descriptions & employer policies
  • Benefits of an employee reimbursement plan
  • The pros & cons of hiring family members
  • Family Leave, immigration law reporting
  • How long should I retain the employee file?
  • Hiring mistakes; mistakes in firing employees
  • HR court cases; and more….

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