LLC and Corporation Compliance Program

  • The Rules for operating an LLC or corporation are complex and NOT COMPLYING with them can cost you thousands of dollars.

    We can take the burden off of you in keeping your LLC or corporation in compliance with the law to protect your tax benefits and protect your home and personal property from business liability. We have created an on-going year-round compliance and tax planning program for the protection and success of your business.

    Our Biz Tax & Compliance Coaching Program is designed to provide and protect those benefits and to increase tax-free fringe benefits for you and your family. It provides the tools to help you build your business and to protect you and your company throughout all phases of your business life from start-up through the growth and hiring stages and ultimately to your exit strategy.

    In addition the program is educational and comprehensive, designed to inform you of the larger picture in regards to business via periodic educational modules. Each mod addresses an important issue and provides in-depth discussion of the topic, including court cases and regulatory rulings when warranted to help you better understand the issue in the context of this complex, regulated and litigious world.

    This pro-active service provides scores of tax tips over the months including the proper structuring, agreements and actions needed to make the tax strategies a reality and the recordkeeping needed to survive a court action or an IRS audit. We address many popular misconceptions, estate planning for the business owner and more, including:

    • Annual and special meetings and preparation of the minutes.
    • Keeping your LLC and corporate record book current.
    • Serving as your entity’s Agent for Service of Process.
    • Filing the entity’s annual Statement of Information with the Secretary of State.
    • Monthly contact to include scores of actions needing a Resolution or recording.
    • On-going tax planning that could save you thousands of dollars.
    • Tax tips & recordkeeping to protect tax benefits against an IRS challenge.
    • Structures and agreements required to maximize tax-favored fringe benefits.
    • Risk management to properly protect your business and personal assets.
    • Digital backup and storage of your entity’s documents for safekeeping.
    • Unlimited access (almost) by email for your business questions.
    • Live classroom & interaction with business specialists, when applicable.
    • E-newsletters for timely articles, information, alerts and updates.

    Your tax savings alone could more than pay for the entire program and the cost is tax deductible for businesses. Find out how to get started. All for only $50 per month.

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