Corporate or LLC Compliance and Annual Meeting Plan

  • Many business owners form an LLC or a corporation with the misunderstanding that their business structure will protect them from lawsuits or creditors. However it is rare that these same owners operate their business in a manner consistent with their chosen entity structure, as required by law. Therefore, they often find out that they have no protection. The courts consistently rule that if you are not acting like a corporation or LLC, then you are not one.  If you do not follow the “Rules”—you are not protected.

    This program is intended to alleviate much of the compliance burden placed on your business by the various regulatory agencies, including any annual corporate filings (if applicable) and informing you of the various record keeping requirements.

    Why this is important:

    • To prevent loss of your tax benefits
    • To protect your assets
    • Limits Director’s liability
    • Frees up your time to allow you to work on your business
    • More cost-effective than trying to comply with all the requirements yourself
    • Reduces fines and levies from the regulatory agencies

    Incompass Corporate Services includes the following and more:

    • On-going Corporate, LLC or LP document compliance as required by law
    • We facilitate your Annual Meeting & formalize your meeting minutes
    • We maintain and update your corporate / entity  record book
    • Preparation and filing of required State docs to avoid penalties
    • Required filings are custom prepared in accordance to your legal structure
    • We serve as your entity’s Agent for Service of Process, if applicable
    • We prepare any needed special resolutions
    • Adoption of Agreements and Plans to pass IRS scrutiny
    • Officer compensation & dividend review
    • Discussion of asset protection issues and other state entity requirements
    • Ratification of Board & Officer’s actions
    • Unlimited access by email or phone for your compliance questions
    • Monthly contact to include important decisions in your Minutes
    • Your Corporate/LLC/LP docs are digitally backed up & stored for your protection
    • Updates on new compliance legislation
    • Classroom & interaction to understand the aspects of your business
    • E-Newsletters for timely articles, information, alerts and updates

    The Incompass Corporate Services Plan will keep you informed of compliance requirements and deadlines as they arise.  We will handle all compliance requirements through the year for all issues that we are made aware of, up to the time of the next Annual Meeting (not to exceed twelve months). It is advised that the Corporate Compliance Plan be renewed at that time.

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