How to Hire the Most Reliable Business Accountant

Reliable Business Accountant
  • A reliable business accountant can help you manage cash flow while reducing interactions with the IRS.

    Why hire a reliable business accountant for your small business? If you’re like many small business owners, you run your company on a limited budget. You have to watch out for the bottom line whenever you spend money. One wrong move may mean the difference between making a profit and slipping into the red.

    You also don’t have the available cash to hire an on-site accounting team. In the past, all accounting responsibilities fell in your lap. Now you wonder if it’s time to turn those tasks over to an expert. Before you accept the services of just any financial expert, here’s what you should look for in your next accountant.

    Experience, Experience, Experience

    Yes, everyone has to start somewhere. But, as a small business owner with a tight budget, you can’t afford to hire the wrong accountant. Make sure that whoever you choose has plenty of experience in the field. Ask for references and read reviews. Someone with more hands-on experience is less likely to make critical errors. They will also be more likely to find financial mistakes before they negatively affect your business.

    Uses the Latest Technology

    If your accountant shows up with a paper ledger, pencil, and abacus, run away as fast as you can. While these tools were once the best around, there is better technology available. Ask a prospective accountant what type of software they use for their clients. Find out if you can access your records from a remote location. After all, it’s your company, and you should be able to review your books whenever you desire.

    Dots Their I’s and Crosses Their T’s

    What one word do you want to describe your accountant? If you’re like most business owners, you answered, “Organized.” There is no room for error in the bookkeeping world. You need an accountant who will keep a close eye on your cash flow and identify any errors before you notice them. It’s also smart to find someone who knows how to catch fraud. Keeping your accounts reconciled will prevent lots of headaches down the road.

    In Good Graces with the IRS

    The fear of every small business owner is an IRS tax audit. While even whispering this word may seem like bad luck, you have to remember that no business is immune from an audit. But, if you do become the unlucky recipient of one, you want an accountant who knows what to do. While some accountants are good with numbers, they may not understand all the tax codes. Even worse, they may run and hide during an audit. Make sure the account you decide to hire not only knows how to file your taxes but also knows how to manage a surprise audit with confidence.

    Build a Business Relationship with an Accountant You Can Trust

    Most importantly, you need to trust your accountant. You will most likely have a long-lasting business relationship, so whoever you hire needs to be dependable and honest. Incompass Tax, Estate & Business Solutions has the right accountant for your small business needs. We work with a wide range of clients from various industries. Our commitment to excellence and accuracy is evident in every line we balance. Contact us to meet a reliable business accountant for your company.

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