Business Tax Plans

  • The amount of taxes that you or your business must pay will vary greatly depending on the way that your business is structured and which planning concepts are put into action.  We can reduce your taxes, as a business owner, through the implementation of our formal tax planning services.

    Our Tax Plans are designed to take advantage of the current tax laws and regulations.  A good Plan will be built on a tax-friendlier foundation and allow for the proper timing of events and dispositions to further reduce your tax liability.

    In addition, our plans will convert money that you are already spending into pre-tax business deductions.  Some of these new deductions will not only reduce income taxes, but can also reduce payroll or self-employment taxes, if structured properly.  As a result of utilizing more pre-tax benefits, you will enjoy an increased efficiency of dollars you are already spending.

    Some tax reduction strategies require a formal Agreement between you, the business owner, and your company.  But, don’t worry, we will prepare those documents; it is part of our tax planning process.

    Tax savings are important, but they should not be the only focus.  A good Tax Plan is part of a well-thought-out Business Plan.  The two should work together with similar financial, legal and estate objectives.  They should also include an exit strategy, or succession plan, for your interest in the business.

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