Is QuickBooks the Only Option for Bookkeeping and Accounting Software?

bookkeeping and accounting software
  • Take a look at the most popular bookkeeping and accounting software for small businesses.

    QuickBooks Online is undoubtedly one of the most popular bookkeeping and accounting software programs for today’s small business professionals. However, there are other options. Some of the alternatives are free, basic programs perfect for the smallest operations. Others are complex enough to handle heavy workloads. Still others will perform accounting, bookkeeping and payroll functions with ease from one online or mobile hub.

    Just remember, the person you have running the software is more important than which program you use. Big penalties come from simple mistakes, and the most expensive system in the world won’t run itself to regulation standards. Ease-of-use and adequate training is key.

    Popular Accounting Software Programs

    Before you invest in a new bookkeeping program for your office, protect yourself. Be sure to check out the most popular and reliable options introduced over the past few years:


    Are you working on a desktop, laptop, phone or tablet? Either way, the FreshBooks setup is intuitive. It’s easy to use and comes with outstanding support. It’s simple to keep track of your expenses, hours and invoices with just a few simple clicks.

    The mobile versions of FreshBooks are available on Android and iOS, in addition to handy mobile-web features. The apps really stand out from the competition and were developed as part of the program’s 2016 overhaul, giving the software one of the freshest faces in small business accounting solutions.

    Accounting professionals enjoy how easy it is to scale up your business while keeping your books in check with FreshBooks. There’s also a freebie version and a free trial, so your bean counters can get acquainted before you go all-in.

    Zoho Books

    Similar to FreshBooks, Zoho Books online and mobile accounting platform offers customers greater customization. Aimed at Android and iOS apps and compatible with more than 25 Zoho products, this is an excellent option for businesses with basic accounting needs.

    Still, you will find some choice features, such as collaboration with your clients and automated workflows to ensure invoices are processed and payments are deposited in a timely manner.

    There is no free option for Zoho Books beyond the free trial, but subscriptions to the cloud-based service are affordable, starting at $9 per month.


    Heading in the opposite direction, Xero exists for users who are looking for advanced features above and beyond what you find in FreshBooks or Quickbooks Online. If you’re searching for something that expands on the program you’re currently using, make sure to request a free trial.

    You’ll have access to advanced functionality including integrated payroll, bank reconciliation and a host of reporting features.

    Xero also stands out as a robust accounting solution aimed at Mac customers. It works seamlessly with over 250 business partners, such as G Suite. Whether you are dealing with important payments and fees from Paypal or expenses tied to your favorite online services, you’ll cut down on accounting errors as easy integration features ensure the right amounts are transferred to your balance sheet every single time.

    Request help in deciding on the right bookkeeping and accounting software for your business from experts who know them inside and out. Get in touch with our professionals at Incompass Tax, Estate & Business Solutions today for these and more tips on keeping your accounting programs fast, accurate and up-to-date.

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