Small Business Compliance

Compliance Services for Small and Micro Businesses

Small business owners need help with the very complex tax code and in meeting all of the regulatory requirements that our overreaching government has placed before them. On a daily basis most small businesses unknowingly violate some regulation. Many business owners form an LLC or a corporation with the misunderstanding that their business structure will protect them from lawsuits or creditors. However it is rare that these same owners operate their business in a manner consistent with their chosen entity structure, as required by law. Therefore, they often find out that they have no protection. The courts consistently rule that if you are not acting like a corporation or LLC, then you are not one.  If you do not follow the “Rules”—you are not protected.

Our Biz Tax & Compliance Coaching Program

This program can help you will all of these regulatory requirements.  We have created an on-going year-round coaching, planning and compliance system for the protection and success of your business. Our program will help give you the tools needed to build your business, save you money on taxes, and make the money you are already spending work more efficiently. It is designed to take the regulatory burden off of you to allow you more time to successfully run your business. Our program has a large education element to it to clear up popular misconceptions regarding taxes, estates and business compliance. Our on-going program encompasses the BIG picture; guiding you through all phases of your business life; from start-up and helping you with your business plan, to assisting you through the growth phases. As your business matures, the program addresses the issues of aging for you, as a business owner, and will make recommendations in helping coordinate your business plan with your estate plan—then ultimately help you develop an exit or succession strategy for your business.

Ready to Get Your Money Back From the IRS?

Bring us up to 3 years of past taxes and we’ll find ways to save you money, when we do we’ll help you file to get your money back from the IRS.

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