Tax Strategies and Hidden Costs of Employees vs. Outsourced Labor

Business Tax Advantages You’ll Want to Learn About Sooner than Later In this progressively more competitive international marketplace, major corporations are evaluating potential business tax advantages of raising shareholder value significantly by establishing outsourced production processes. Outsourcing offers the potential to improve production greatly, but it is also fraught with risk. One of the greatest […]

10 Powerful Business Tax Strategies for Your Business Tax Return

Are You Using these Business Tax Strategies? It’s no revelation that everyone wants to save money on taxes using those elusive business tax strategies. Small businesses, however, without the same protections some individuals and most large corporations enjoy- need to look carefully each year to secure new methods of minimizing their tax burdens. While the methods […]

Tax Strategies for Real Estate

Having an understanding of our tax system can put money in your pocket by maximizing opportunities allowed by the Tax Code. This includes those in real estate businesses. In the following, we highlight seven issues regarding common business expenses that may cause dramatic differences in how much you pay in taxes. Example 1: Choice of […]

Tax Strategies

11 Business Tax Strategies for Working Owners After Tax Reform Convert your passenger vehicle to business use. The new tax law (TCJA) has made it more beneficial to convert a used vehicle to business use, allowing bonus depreciation on new or used vehicles. (Prior law required the vehicle to be new). TCJA allows you to […]

Business Tax Strategies

Strategic planning to save money on taxes.The amount of taxes that you or your business must pay will vary greatly depending on the way that your business is structured and which planning concepts are put into action. A good plan can allow your business to be taxed in a more favorable manner and allow you […]

The 3 Most Important Estate Planning Strategies to Protect Your Wealth and Your Family

Looking for estate planning tips? Here’s what you need to know to protect your wealth. It’s common for people to put off the task of estate planning. However, it’s important to take a proactive approach to the process to protect your wealth before it’s too late. Maybe it’s the unpleasantness of thinking about one’s mortality. […]


Tax ServicesOur mission is to be a single source to handle the regulatory hassles of running a business for you, so you can save time, money and energy for what you do best. Sacramento Personal TaxesHiring a skilled tax professional can actually cost you less than doing it yourself. A good tax pro can often […]

Estate Planning Strategies to Protect Your Assets Now and For Your Family

If you’re trying to plan for the future and protect your assets, estate planning strategies and tips can benefit you and your loved ones. 
Researching estate planning strategies is an excellent idea for anyone worried about the possibility of losing assets. Due to unforeseen issues, even plans made with the best of intentions can fail […]

Business Taxes

Maximize your Tax Benefits by following the RulesOperating a business can create significant tax benefits for you and your family if you’re willing to comply with the rules. The Tax Code is complex and filled with variable tax outcomes. Some rules allow expenses to be deductible, while others provide greater benefits for the same dollars. […]

Life Milestone Tax Planning For Business Owners

Our advisory services are designed to protect our clients through all phases of life and business, while saving them money. Transitional events in life, like marriage, divorce, starting and/or dissolving a business, inheritance or death all come with their own set of complexities. Let us help you have the best possible outcome. Business Tax PlanningThe […]

Business Tax Plans

The amount of taxes that you or your business must pay will vary greatly depending on the way that your business is structured and which planning concepts are put into action.  We can reduce your taxes, as a business owner, through the implementation of our formal tax planning services. Our Tax Plans are designed to […]

Real Estate

Real Estate ServicesOur mission is to be a single source to handle the regulatory hassles of running a business for you, so you can save time, money and energy for what you do best. IRS Audits for Real Estate InvestorsThe tax rules for real estate investors are some of the most complex in the Tax […]

Small Business

Small Business ServicesSmall business owners need help in meeting all of the regulatory requirements that our government has placed on them. At Incompass we provide services for small and micro businesses that encompass the entire life of the business from start-up through growth and expansion to the hiring of employees and ultimately to an exit […]


Where Taxes & The Laws Meet Their Match We are DEDICATED to staying on the cutting edge of the tax laws and regulations so you can keep more money directly in your pocket. Request Initial Evaluation Tax, Estate & Business SolutionsAre you a business owner or own assets that need protecting from taxes and government […]

3 Worst Small Business Accounting Mistakes

Are you making any of these common small business accounting mistakes? It’s time to get on track for 2019! While there’s no shortage of accounting software and applications available for small businesses today. But in many cases, the increase in their use is leading to an upsurge in small business accounting mistakes. Why? Because instead […]

Estate Planning Help to Protect Your Assets Now and For Your Family

Estate planning help can ensure a secure financial future for your family. People often mistakenly assume estate planning help is only for the wealthy. But in reality, all families can benefit from a well-rounded estate plan that protects their assets. As you plan for the future financial security of your loved ones, keep these key […]

What Nobody Tells You About Incorporating Online Until its Too Late!

Incorporating online might be quick and easy, but it sacrifices most of the major benefits. Incorporating online is an appealing way to move your business to a different classification quickly. You can save significant sums on taxes and reduce liability. As with anything, you expect incorporating online to be the faster, cheaper and easier method. […]


Advising contractors is one of our niche specialties, especially those working in the trades industries. It is important for the contractor to work with a tax and business services firm that understands the unique issues that apply the contractor. When we advise our contractor clients, we look at the larger picture to include asset protection […]

Our Team

We are more than a tax preparation / document preparer company.  We are year-round, and employ skilled tax professionals, Enrolled Agents and CPAs who are pro-active in looking for that deduction or credit that other tax preparers often miss. Our methods set us apart from traditional tax and accounting firms. As our name Incompass implies, we […]

Estate Planning, Wills & Trusts

What’s An Estate Plan?A well-drafted plan can avoid the costs and delays of probate and minimize or eliminate estate taxes, thereby providing the maximum amount of your estate to your loved ones.  It can even allow you to control the amount and timing of distributions years after your death, or to provide for the special […]

Corporate & LLC Compliance Education

If your business is structured as a corporation or LLC, you are subject to certain compliance requirements in order to protect your tax benefits and to insure a protective shield between business activities and your personal property.  Not complying with the laws and regulations can cost you a lot of money. Let us educate you […]

Business Education that Saves You Money

We offer on-going education for business owners to help you bring about the ultimate success in your business.  The information we provide encompasses the BIG picture, including tax planning, business coaching, compliance, and asset protection strategies. This education is intended to provide the tools you will need to build your business, save you money on […]


We offer education and information that encompasses all of the adult phases of life.  Whether you are beginning a career or a business; remaining single or getting married; going through a divorce or re-marriage; having children or losing a parent, our classroom offerings or email modules can help you through the complexities of these life […]

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