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Tax Scams & Shams

Don’t Fall Victim to “IRS” Telephone ScamsSome of our clients have been contacted by telephone scammers claiming to be from the IRS trying to collect on past taxes that our clients’ didn’t know they owed. DO NOT TALK TO THESE SCAMMERS, BECAUSE THEY ARE TRYING TO STEAL YOUR LIFE SAVINGS! The IRS has issued public […]

Tax Schemes & Scams

Don’t fall victim to tax scams. Remember that if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.  Watch out for schemes that promise to reduce or eliminate taxes.  Involvement with tax schemes can lead to imprisonment and fines. The IRS pursues and shuts down promoters of these and numerous other scams. Anyone pulled […]


Tax ServicesOur mission is to be a single source to handle the regulatory hassles of running a business for you, so you can save time, money and energy for what you do best. Sacramento Personal TaxesHiring a skilled tax professional can actually cost you less than doing it yourself. A good tax pro can often […]

The Ugly Truth About Tax Audit Services

Thinking about using tax audit services? Gather the right information before making any decisions. If you’re facing an IRS audit, you might be tempted to turn to tax audit services. They’re advertised everywhere, on television and the radio, and they often promise that they can make your problems go away for good. Unfortunately, many of […]

Online Scams That Impersonate The IRS

Beware of emails or tweets claiming to be from the IRS—it may be a scam! Scammers who impersonate the IRS often use the name and logo of the IRS or U.S. Department of the Treasury to mislead you into believing the communication is legitimate. Generally, the IRS does not send unsolicited e-mails to acquire financial […]

Tax & Asset Advisory Program

How would you like an advisory service that can help you through all phases of life for an affordable fee?  We are launching a new service called the Tax & Asset Advisory Program.  This program allows us to provide top-notch education and information to you through email.  We have created and are continually writing new […]

Shielding Your Assets

To properly shield your assets requires planning and restructuring as to the way you hold and control those assets.  Asset protection planning is the method of preparing for the possibility of future lawsuits by rearranging the ownership of assets so that they are beyond the reach of potential creditors. Taking action to protect your assets […]

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