What You Should Know about Death and Taxes when Creating Your Trust

  • Up on what you need to know about death and taxes? There are ways you can structure your estate to avoid large amounts of taxation. Do you know about death and taxes and how to protect your heirs? If you haven't properly structured your estate, your beneficiaries could be in for an unpleasant surprise regarding your death and the taxes that go along with your estate and their inheritance. The average estate can be subject to taxes, and large estates…

    What Triggers a Tax Audit and How You Can Avoid One

  • Even if you're doing everything right, the prospect of a tax audit can be terrifying. What triggers a tax audit? Find out now. There are few things as terrifying as potentially triggering a tax audit, yet the process itself is a bit of a mystery. Exactly what triggers a tax audit? How can you avoid one? The IRS isn't an open book about anything, including what triggers a tax audit. While the IRS does audit a certain amount of random…

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