Incorporating Online

What Nobody Tells You About Incorporating Online Until its Too Late!

  • Incorporating online might be quick and easy, but it sacrifices most of the major benefits. Incorporating online is an appealing way to move your business to a different classification quickly. You can save significant sums on taxes and reduce liability. As with anything, you expect incorporating online to be the faster, cheaper and easier method. Before you commit, you should consider some of the fallbacks. These are the most important things you need to know about incorporating online. You Become…
    True Cost of Incorporation

    What’s the True Cost of Incorporation?

  • You need to know the true cost of incorporation before you make mistakes that could sink your business. Why do you need to know the true cost of incorporation? Running a small business leads to a life full of difficult decisions. As your business grows, managing taxes, costs, liability and asset protection becomes a juggling act. You may have looked into incorporating as a way to protect yourself and your partners to clear the way for future expansion. This can…
    Incorporate a Business

    How to Incorporate a Business the Right Way

  • What do you need to know to incorporate a business? Do you know how to incorporate a business? When it comes to your business, the term "incorporate" means to convert your business into a corporation. By law, a corporation is treated as a person, who can buy property, sell property, commit crimes, be taxed and contracted. Turning a business into a corporation prevents you from being held personally liable for what happens to the business, at least to a certain…
    Tax Preparation Scams

    The 3 Most Common Tax Preparation Scams You Need to Avoid

  • Are you aware of these common tax preparation scams? As if it's not bad enough you might owe the IRS money, scammers who conduct tax preparation scams are looking to take advantage of you. They want your refund and possibly even your personal information. It's important to know the signs of a dishonest tax preparation practice. Here are three common tax preparation scams to watch out for: 1. Email Advertising for Tax Preparation People impersonate tax preparation professionals and state they're from…

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