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We are DEDICATED to staying on the cutting edge of the tax laws and regulations so you can keep more money directly in your pocket.

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Tax, Estate & Business Solutions

Are you a business owner or own assets that need protecting from taxes and government regulation? Our mission is to make your life easier, save you time and put more money in your pocket. Trust us, it’s easier than you think.
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Why Us?


We stay on top of all the tax laws, changes and regulations. We handle it all affordably for you, so you can live your life.


If you’re a business owner or employee you’ll know you are in the best hands possible. We even provide audit insurance for less than a dinner out.


We save you the time and hassles of tracking everything and give you the maximum protection under the US tax code.

Who We Serve

You will not find a more well educated and dedicated team to handle your tax and other government compliance related issues.

We are DEDICATED to providing small business owners with turn-key business management and tax services.
Real estate investors face a unique set of government regulations and taxes that must be handled with accuity.
We are unsurpassed in personal taxes, trusts, estate planning, audit protection and any other related services.

Business Services

From simple to complex we are absolute experts in business taxes of all kinds.
When we handle your accounting, your life gets far easier and taxes are a breeze.
Tired of handling payroll or moving money between systems? We got this.
We manage your HR compliance program for you, all under one roof. Simple.
We establish your entity and MAINTAIN it properly to maintain your legal protection.
We are IRS audit experts. We also offer audit insurance for your peace of mind.
Let’s plan your taxes from year to year so we can protect your precious time and money.
Get our business coaching and advisor program to help you stay on top of it all.

Personal Services

Let us handle your taxes and tax planning each year and over the course of your life.
From marriage to trusts, to estate planning and aging issues. We have you covered.
If you own a home, rentals or any other kind of real estate, let us help protect your assets.
We are IRS audit experts. We also offer audit insurance for your peace of mind.

What Our Customers Say

The staff at Incompass have been helping my wife and I, as well as my other family members, file our taxes for more than a decade. They have always been...

S.Z. Z.
S.Z. Z.

Everyone was pleasant and professional! And the accounting was thorough and timely. Barbara Tackett is great!

Sue O.
Sue O.

We use Incompass for our books and corporate returns, for the past 10 years. The price is reasonable, service is good, and the returns are accurate. We have not been audited, and there were never any errors on previous returns. We plan on using them for years to come.

Grout ReNew
Grout ReNew

I've been using this company for many years now, honestly I think the negative reviews are from people who probably didn't provide enough information, or simply found out they have to pay instead of getting a refund. Incompass has EA, or Enrolled Agents, who are extremely knowledgeable, experienced and have the latest software. I don't have a business, but have continued to use them for my personal just because of the highly professional and favorable results I've received. Of course no one can guarantee you're getting money back, but in my experience they find each and every way to maximize it for you.

Ken Banghart
Ken Banghart

Joshua my tax preparer was very professional, helpful, and an all around good guy, my tax papers were done on Monday and I had my refund from the state on Friday. Thank you, Joshua.

David Rangel
David Rangel

Incompass has made running our business so much easier, especially for the tough tax and compliance issues that we don't have time to figure out. They help us with taxes, payroll and accounting, as well as the occasional HR question. These guys are not just "tax guys" they are experts that live and breath taxes and accounting laws and issues. They know every law and detail inside and out and follow cases so they are on top of changes at the moment they happen.If you want to rest assured you have things covered correctly while making your life as a business owner far easier, then consider investing in Incompass. You will be hard pressed to find a full service comprehensive provider like them anywhere.Every service that they take off of our plate helps us grow because we aren't focused on all the administration stuff and can focus on our business. So in that way they actually have helped us grow.

Justin Sturges
Justin Sturges

Great knowledgeable team who really know tax codes and help explain things in normal terms. They have been doing our taxes for several years and now they handle many other aspects of our business. They are always there to answer all my questions throughout the year and help me make sure my business is not only set up properly but also doing the best thing financially and from a tax benefit standpoint.

Brenda Sturges
Brenda Sturges

I have used Incompass Tax Estate & Business Solutions for years and couldn't be happier with their superior service! Taxes aren't anyone's favorite thing...

Judy C.
Judy C.

They have never let us down!!! Never been audited. Great service. Timely. Honest. Just wish they were closer to Rocklin!...but definitely worth the 15 minute drive!

Geoffrey Clarion
Geoffrey Clarion


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