Small Business Advisory

We use a BIG picture perspective when advising business clients to encompass tax savings, asset protection, risk management, business succession and estate matters.

We help business clients keep more of their earnings by using IRS and court approved methods to pay less taxes, increase tax-favored benefits and to keep the records required to protect those benefits.

Our advisory services allow clients a means to protect assets by reducing lawsuits, keep out of trouble with regulators and manage risk. This is done by segregating assets and activities, by good business practices (common sense and compliance) and with insurance to spread risk to companies with deeper pockets.

Compliance helps to protect the legal standing of LLCs and corporations by preventing its owners from making alter ego blunders. Lack of legal standing may result in the loss of tax benefits and asset protection, make contracts invalid and prevent a company from defending itself in court or from bringing suit for damages against another.

Good business practices help minimize costly mistakes, prevent cyber security breaches, protect client data and trade secrets, reduce fraud by employees, avert labor law complaints and establish a plan in case of a business interruption or disaster.

We encourage clients to implement a succession plan for how they want to exit the business and take the actions needed to get maximum value when that occurs. However, a premature exit may happen from an unplanned event, such as death or disability and should be addressed in their operating agreement and estate plan.