Small business owners need help in meeting all of the regulatory requirements that our government has placed on them. 

At Incompass we provide services for small and micro businesses that encompass the entire life of the business from start-up through growth and expansion to the hiring of employees and ultimately to an exit strategy or succession plan.

We can set up a tax and legal structure for your business to lower both income taxes and payroll taxes, provide pretax fringe benefits for you and your family, reduce the chance of an IRS audit and lower the chance that you’re sued.

Our on-going compliance services are essential in helping your company retain its favorable tax treatment and asset protection attributes and to keep you out of “hot water” with the regulators.

Maintaining compliance and legal standing is vital to protecting your home and personal assets from business judgments and conversely to protect your company from personal lawsuits. Without compliance, tax benefits can be lost and asset protections fail.

Tax savings are important, but it shouldn’t be the only focus. It’s also important that your tax and legal structure correlate well with your overall business and estate plan and include a strategy as to how you plan to exit the business when the time comes.

The accounting and recordkeeping services we offer are essential in helping you manage costs, identify problems with the financial health of your company and to protect your tax benefits should the IRS audit you.

When you hire employees, we can make life easier by doing the payroll and reports for you. In addition, our HR advisory can help you draft an employee handbook and other policies to avoid costly labor disputes and problems with the Department of Labor.

Be sure to look over our website for the other encompassing services we offer.


Business Taxes

Take advantage of every tax benefit.

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Business Tax Planning

Structure your business to save taxes and increase your benefits.

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Accounting, Payroll & HR Services

Let us handle the headaches so you can run your business.

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Business Compliance Services

If your corporation or LLC is sued, can you be held personally liable?  

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Tax Audit Representation

Get 30 years experience and former IRS and FTB personnel behind you.

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