Being There for You—When Things Change

We believe in developing long-term relationships with our clients.  We not only work to find that deduction or credit that is often missed by others, but we want to be there at each phase of your life.  Whether you are beginning a career or a business, getting married, having children, or getting divorced; it is important that you have an advisor to help you through the complexities of these events.  By building that relationship, we are already there when a life-changing event occurs, or when the unexpected happens.

With a relationship, we would be there to take up your case when the IRS or some other tax agency inquires or audits you.  We offer services that can help you stay out-of-hot-water with the various regulatory agencies by keeping you in compliance with all of the rules.

We would be there when your health changes, to help restructure things to protect your family’s assets.  Or, to advise you on what to do when you are named as an executor or trustee for a loved one who has passed.   By having a long-term relationship, we could be there to continue serving and advising the next generation of your loved ones after you are gone.