Corporate Formations

What services does Incompass Tax provide through the Corporation Formation Assistance Program?

At Incompass, the incorporation formation process includes the following actions:

  • Prepare the Articles of Incorporation (formation document) for your corporation
  • File the Articles of Incorporation with the Secretary of State’s office in Sacramento
  • Pay all filing and counter fees associated with filing the Articles of Incorporation
  • Prepare, file, and pay the fee for the initial Statement of Information with the Secretary of State’s office (a statutory requirement providing a public record of the officers, directors, and agent for service of process; due within 90 days following incorporation)
  • Prepare, file, and pay the fee for the Limited Offering Exemption Notice with the California Dept. of Business Oversight (required for the sale of shares of stock by small corporations)
  • Obtain a new Employer Identification Number (EIN) from the Internal Revenue Service
  • Prepare and file Election by a Small Business Corporation (IRS Form 2553) if applicable
  • Prepare and file Power of Attorney and Declaration of Representative (IRS Form 2848)
  • Provide corporate bylaws template for review and approval by the corporation’s legal counsel and corporate officers
  • Obtain a customized corporate Record Book for the corporation
  • Obtain a corporate seal for the corporation
  • Obtain and issue stock certificates for the corporation and complete the Transfer Register
  • Facilitate the corporation’s organizational meeting, obtain required waivers of notice and record meeting minutes
  • Assist with determining “reasonable wages” for owner-employees
  • Provide secure digital backup of all corporate documentation (available 24/7 online)

For clients who also engage Incompass for payroll services, we will:

  • Prepare and file Employer/Payer Appointment of Agent (IRS Form 2678)
  • Prepare and file Reporting Agent Authorization (IRS Form 8655)
  • Prepare and file Tax Information Authorization (IRS Form 8821)
  • Record Employee’s Withholding Allowance Certificate (IRS Form W-4) for each employee
  • Prepare and file Registration Form for Commercial Employers (CA EDD Form DE-1) or Change of Employer Account Information (CA EDD Form DE-24) as applicable
  • Prepare and file Electronic Funds Transfer Authorization Agreement (CA EDD Form DE-26)
  • Prepare and file initial Report of New Employees (CA EDD Form DE-34) as applicable

No other service comes close to the scope, level of personal service, and attention to detail, as does our all-encompassing Corporation Formation Assistance Program!