Are You Looking Out for These 5 Internal Revenue Service Red Flags?

Internal Revenue Service red flags lurk around every corner, so don’t get caught red-handed by leaving them in your return. Unfortunately, Internal Revenue Service red flags are more common than you might think – and they might get you in trouble. If you want your returns to stay un-audited (and don’t we all?), it’s best to avoid them. Of course, that first means identifying them.
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The Top 6 Bad Business Write-Offs, and How to Avoid Them

Taking a bad business write-off is one of the best ways to catch the attention of the IRS, which makes avoiding them one of your highest priorities. If you take a bad business write-off on your return, you’re essentially inviting the Internal Revenue Service to come sniffing around. Even if they don’t target you because of them, you’re much more likely to become the victim of
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